The CUP cleaning station

What is a CIP cleaning station?

The CIP cleaning station is a crucial equipment on a production site. It permits an automated Cleaning In Place of your equipment (stainless-steel tank for example) and piping in order to avoid any bacteriological contamination. The equipment to be cleaned must be fitted with a cleaning in place system, such as spray balls.

It can work on different cycles and be used with different cleaning products.

It guarantees the respect of the hygiene standards during the production stage, whether it is in food processing (dairy, brewery, for example), or in pharmaceutic, chemistry or cosmetic industries.

The CIP cleaning station also permits to satisfy your need in energy saving and in reduction of the effluent release.

How to size a CIP cleaning station?

How to size a CIP cleaning station?

The CIP cleaning station has to be sized to solve a problematic of hygiene of the lines and equipment of production (stainless steel tanks for example):

  • The different products to guarantee a good cleaning -> This will determine how many compartments are required
  • The equipment and piping to clean -> This will determine the volume of the compartments
  • The number of equipment to be clean simultaneously -> This will determine the volume of the compartments

ETA’s expertise:

In ETA, our expertise in the field of CIP Cleaning stations is well established. Our decades-long experience and our dimensioning tools allow us to suggest you THE better CIP Cleaning station, dimensioned according to your need:

  • The definition of the compartments according to the used cleaning products (acid, soda, disinfectant, water, reused water, oil…)
  • The operating temperatures of the cleaning products (acid, soda…)
  • The flowrate per line, according to the equipment, integrated cleaning systems and piping

Fully automated, our CIP Cleaning station is easy to integrate into reduced spaces. You only have to connect the utilities, to start using it. Our pre-installed recipes enable an easy, quick and efficient implementation.

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