ETA’s storage tank

Choosing a storage tank

There are storage tanks of all types with various levels of complexity, dedicated to the storage of water, food products (milk, serum, cream, chocolate, honey, etc.) or chemicals (acid, soda, API, etc.).

At ETA, for every field of activity, we know how to adapt and offer you a storage tankto suit your needs. Our tanks are designed based on our standards, thus limiting the budgetary impact.

All our tanks are made of stainless steel 304L, 316L (or other on request) and they are entirely manufactured on our site, in Rians, in the Cher department (18), tocontrol our production quality and lead times.

ETA storage tank

How to define your storage tank?

In order to define your storage tank, we take your needs into account, in terms of:

  • Viscosity and density of your product
  • Thermal exchange during storage (holdingtemperature, heating, cooling)
  • Insulationallowingto hold temperature and reduceheat loss
  • Keepingyour stored products homogenous (agitator)
  • Dedicated agitator (homogenous mixing, preventing sedimentation, etc.)
  • Cleaning of the tank (Cleaning in Place)


The solution adapted to your needs:

At ETA, we will be able to offera stainlesssteel tank enablingyou to control the temperature of your product, mix your productand keep it homogeneous and finallyclean your tank with a Cleaning in Place system.

The capacity of our tanks ranges from very small tanks to 250m3 tanks, leg-mounted, skirt-mountedor with side brackets.

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ETA storage tank 150m3